Our Sincere Promise to You

Peru & U offers a variety of itineraries, day tours and traks suitable for any taste and budget. Our fully customizable tours allow you to create your dream tour along our guidance ans assistance. We compromised that Peru & U will offer you the lowest and fairest prices possible. This is because unlike other travel agencies, we are both the tour operator and coordinator – meaning that there is no intermediary in between. We take care of all of the arrangements ourselves for everything to run smoothly. Our esteemed customer service comes from our travel passion and sharing our gorgeous country with you. Of course since Peru & U is based in Peru and Bolivia, and that plays as a great advantages for our company and our clientes. Our satisfied customers over the years have given us great reputation as a sincere, organized, and trustworthy company, which is why they keep coming back year after year. A highly trained quality control department is constantly monitoing every tour to ensura that you are been pprovided the highest quality and latest products.   Nuestro estimado servicio al cliente proviene de nuestra pasión por los viajes y de compartir nuestro hermoso país contigo. Por supuesto, ya que Peru & U tiene su sede en Perú y Bolivia, y eso representa una gran ventaja para nuestra empresa y nuestros clientes. Nuestros clientes satisfechos a lo largo de los años nos han dado una gran reputación como empresa sincera, organizada y confiable, por lo que siguen regresando año tras año. Un departamento de control de calidad altamente capacitado supervisa constantemente cada recorrido para garantizar que se le proporcionen los productos más recientes y de la más alta calidad.  


Unlike most travel agencies, we are the tour operator as well as the travel coordinator, which means that we arrange the travel logistics and operate the tours ourselves. Most companies are abroad bussinesses that buy their services from another local operator here in Peru, will ends in higher prices for you. Also, as grounded agency we guarantee the quality of services, because we organize every detail behind your experience.


  • – We have the best and fairest prices, guaranteed!
  • – Choose from a vast selection of day tours and the best travel itineraries every time.
  • – We offer tours which are fully customizable with daily departures.
  • – 24/7 Assistance since the moment you book with us.


As time has passed, it has become very important to us that our activities do not leave negative impact on the local communities or the environment. On the contrary, we are strong seekers of positive impacts that is why we have implement a sustainable tourism policy in our company that is influencing every decision please read more about our efforts on our recenet proyect one booking one tree. Also, we have committed to donate 1% of our profit every year to the local development project of SONCO WASI, we try to buy all of our products and services locally, and we have a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2021.


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